Alas-Kuul AS signed cooperation agreement with OÜ Scanbro for their In&Out warehouse management solution deployment. In&Out is open platform for VMI administration, which sends information about consumption to supplier ERP system and costly expenses to clients ERP system. From spring 2018 we will introduce the new Scanbro VMI cabinet, which allows bar code based registration, NFC based authorization and consumption based costly expenses. For more information about Scanbro In&Out VMI system visit HERE

Interconnect with any modern ERP system. Use scanning for all business transactions and manual manual data entry.

 Send consumer information directly to the vendor at the time of consumption. Automate the purchase process and restore inventory.

 Customize your app at work, store, shop, work area. Use one-on-one in all business units.

Adjust the app according to the nature of the job. Minimize the number of defects on the screen for one operation to increase process performance.